Rules to keep the house tidy like the Nordic

Rules to keep the house tidy like the Nordic

Minimalist, practical, organized… are phrases to describe the Nordic style of home arrangement. This style is called Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian interior design uses a blend of textures and soothing colors to highlight the modern, clean, cozy home.

The outstanding features of Scandinavian interior decoration style are simplicity, lightness, cleanliness and rich of light. Photo: Apartmenttherapy.


Niki Brantmark, author of My Scandinavian Home, outlines 5 secrets to keeping homes in the Nordic region neat and tidy.


1. Do not bring shoes or slippers into the house

Niki Brantmark said, in Northern Europe, no one wears shoes in the house. Even guests who come to visit are polite to remove their shoes and wear socks or slippers. Therefore, dirt and bacteria do not have the opportunity to follow the shoes into the house.


2. Light plays an important role

The harshness of winter makes Nordic people love the light. Part of keeping a bright, clean home is simply bringing in lots of bright photos, so that rooms don’t feel dark and gloomy in the cold season.


3. Do not use carpet to cover fully the floor

Not many Nordic people use carpet to fully cover the floor because they think it is unhygienic. Instead, they chose wooden floors that are easy to clean and use carpeting in small areas. This makes it easier for them to clean the carpet and change the carpet material for each area.”

Nordic homes rarely use carpet to fully cover the floor, but only for certain areas. Photo: Scandinavian.


4. Minimize storage areas

Nordic people do not like massive shelves, cabinets … to store things. Brantmark explains: “Most of the recent Scandinavian-style apartments don’t use furniture with built-in storage. They just keep these items to a minimum to avoid feeling overwhelmed.”


5. Believe in balance

The “Less is more” mindset is favored by many Nordic people. This means that they store less stuff, bringing home only the things they really need and really love. As a result, the house is cleaner and less cluttered.