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999+ Beautiful, luxurious and classy villa designs 2023

You want to own yourself a modern, feng shui and gorgeous villa. If you are looking for beautiful villa designs, then do not miss the article below. In the following article, New Ideas Design will share the most beautiful and luxurious villa models in 2023.



There are many beautiful and luxurious villa models, but to design a villa with a unique and novel style, it is not something that every designer can create.

To own a beautiful villa design, you can refer to some beautiful villa design ideas below.

1.1. Open and airy design

With large villas, natural light will hardly be able to penetrate into the house, so the design of the villa according to the open space is considered a new breeze, a great solution for big and close villa. You can use a system of transparent aluminum and glass doors so that natural light can flood into the house, creating a feeling of comfort and warmth for the house. 

When designing a villa, priority should be given to creating a lot of open space


1.2. Priority of usage of neutral tones

Nowadays, neutral tones are very popular and are used a lot for street houses, villas, garden houses, etc. If you worry that neutral tones will make the house dark and not luxurious, you may be wrong. Using the main color in combination with the furniture will make your home stand out, impressive and full of luxury. In addition, when designing a villa in this tone, it also shows that you are a person with high aesthetic taste, very knowledgeable in design style.

Looking inside the house will give homeowners a feeling of peace, serenity, comfort and closeness. You can choose simple colors such as brown, white, gray, … combined with striking colors to create effective contrast.

Beautiful villa models often prioritize the use of neutral tones

1.3. Living space close to nature

A unique idea to design a beautiful and luxurious villa that you should not ignore is to create a living space close to nature. You just need to arrange a few mini flower pots, small potted plants to green the house. Green plants not only have the effect of air conditioning, but they also help your body feel comfortable, reduce stress and fatigue every time you go home.

Beautiful villa model with living space close to nature

1.4. Minimalist furniture selection

If you think that designing a large villa also needs to use large and lavish furniture, it is a mistake. The arrangement of furniture towards minimalism and sophistication will help raise the floor space of the house. You do not need to buy bulky furniture, but simple and neat furniture still helps to increase the aesthetic beauty of the house.

When designing a villa, you should choose minimalist furniture



2.1. French villa design

French architectural design is very popular in Europe and many countries around the world. The beautiful villa models in the French architectural style show the beauty and glass problems at every angle. Viewers are stunned by the magnificence and magnificence of the unique architectural lines.

Beautiful French style villa design

2.2. European villa design

European-style villa design is quite popular nowadays. The beautiful European-style villas show the nobility and magnificence in each design line.

European villa architectural design


2.3. Mediterranean style villa

The Mediterranean-style villa model is a harmony between natural elements but no less luxurious, the most popular architectural style in the world. These stylish home designs give homeowners a different experience.

Beautiful villa model in the Mediterranean style


2.4. American style villa design

American-style villa design attaches great importance to style, not too cumbersome, the pattern is not too picky and detailed. The American style villa models are not too picky, mainly using ceiling tiles to bring high efficiency.

Beautiful American style villa


The facade of the beautiful American-style villa


2.5. Beautiful modern villa design

The design of this style villa is simple but modern, harmonious light creates a youthful and elegant style. The beauty in the design of this villa brings a youthful, liberal style in line with the trend.

Modern villa architecture


Beautiful modern villa design


2.6. Beautiful villa model in classic style

The beautiful villa models in the classic style remind us immediately of the castles of the kings showing the authority and luxury. Choosing this style is suitable for people with power, status in society or homeowners who love classic beauty.

Beautiful villa model in classic style


Architectural design of luxurious classic villa


2.7. Neoclassical style villa design

Neoclassical villas are magnificent and magnificent works that require meticulous and elaborate investment in form. All the delicate patterns show the nobility and luxury.

Beautiful villa house design in neoclassical style


2.8. Beautiful villa with swimming pool

The design of a beautiful villa with a swimming pool is a harmonious combination between people and nature to create a beautiful picture that captivates people’s hearts. With strong architectural lines, massive blocks combined with an extremely swimming pool design to create an aesthetic scene, providing a perfect resort space for your family.

Villa design with swimming pool


Beautiful villa model


Beautiful villa with swimming pool


2.9. Beautiful garden villa design

A garden villa with a large area of ​​space will be the right choice for homeowners who love nature and tranquility in the midst of urban bustle.

The garden villa model is usually built on a large area of land, with 4 sides surrounded by trees, flowers, … bringing a fresh and cool living space to the owner.

Beautiful garden villa design


Beautiful villa model with garden


Beautiful villa model combined with beautiful garden


2.10. The design of a resort villa

Designing resort villas in a modern style, similar to a resort is a trend that attracts a lot of attention from homeowners. This beautiful villa model easily catches everyone’s attention at first sight. Modern beauty mixed with a bit of classic combined with high-class, modern furniture will open up a high-quality living space, enjoy for the homeowner.

The design of a resort villa


Beautiful villa models with integrated resort


Beautiful villa house design like a high-class resort


2.11. Beautiful 1-storey villa model

The design of a 1-storey villa with neoclassical style will be a great suggestion for you. A little nostalgia mixed with the breath of modern architecture today will bring a unique living space to the owner. You can design a beautiful villa house with a yard in front of the door along with potted plants to make the living space fresher and cooler.

Models of one-stroey beautiful villas


Unique one-storey villa design


Architectural design of the villa


2.12. Beautiful 2-storey villa design

The design of an L-shaped 2-storey villa not only meets the harmonious architectural elements but also easily creates a highlight for the eyes to see at first sight. The 2-storey house is designed with elegant tones with full functions that will surely help you always feel happy and happy when living in your own space.

Front of beautiful villa 2 floors


The design of a beautiful 2-storey villa


Beautiful villa model in Luxury style


2.13. High-class 3-storey villa design

The design of a high-class 3-storey villa is not easy, it requires an architect to be a highly qualified person who has designed for many different large and small projects to be able to afford it. effort to create a Luxury design.

Beautifully designed and fully decorated villas will bring a luxurious and aristocratic living space exclusively for the elite.

High-class 3-storey villa design – model 1


Model of a beautiful 3-storey luxury villa


3. Some notes when choosing a beautiful villa design

3.1. Villa construction location

Choosing the land to build a villa is an extremely important factor. It’s best to consult a bit about feng shui, then combine with the opinion of the architect to come up with a layout that is suitable and best for your family.

Villa construction location


3.2. Construction area

A beautiful villa must be suitable for the area of construction land and surrounding living space. The design of the villa must be calculated to match the design layout and meet the use of the house.

Construction area


3.3. Villa design style

Contrary to the beautiful townhouse designs that are often limited to many design styles, the design of villas is the opposite. Today’s beautiful villas are designed with many different styles such as: modern, classic, flat roof, Thai roof… Each style is suitable for the location, area and preferences of the owner. Therefore, before building a villa, homeowners should consider the appropriate style.

Design a suitable style villa


3.4. Optimizing usability

Besides the basic spaces such as: bedroom, living room, kitchen, …, the villa models can arrange a gym, swimming pool, movie room … to meet the entertainment and living needs of the residents. every member of the family.

Optimizing usability


3.5. Pay attention to the feng shui factor

  • The feng shui factor is always a top priority when designing a villa, here are the issues to keep in mind:
  • Land: choosing flat land is the best choice when building houses. If the terrain is sloping, the back of the house will turn towards the slope to create stability.
  • Painted water: but surrounded by mountain water is considered a good land to build a house that brings a lot of fortune and luck to the owner.
  • Minh Duong: put the South direction to attract fortune, this is also the direction of the beautiful house.

Pay attention to the feng shui factor


3.6. Front facade of a beautiful villa

The facade is an impressive highlight when designing the villa, it is likened to a shield for the house against security and weather fluctuations. Facade design is not only beautiful but also fully functional.

No matter which style is chosen, there must be a uniformity of both the inside and the outside, avoiding patchwork, inconsistency in the inside and outside that will affect the aesthetics of the building.

Front facade of a beautiful villa


3.7. Garden and ancillary items

The garden and some ancillary items such as small landscape, rockery are also designed to be harmonious and balanced. The garden can be arranged in front, behind or on the side of the house.

To ensure convenience while using, the garage can be designed in a separate area, basement, ground floor, to ensure convenience when driving in and out easily.

Garden and ancillary items

3.8. Finishing materials

The solidity, sturdiness and beauty of the house after completion depends on the materials. Be prepared with quality materials, materials that represent the home’s structure must be considered in terms of application, harmony and preferences of the homeowner.

Finishing materials


3.9. Financial capability

Building a villa is very expensive, so estimating construction costs is necessary for homeowners to prepare enough finance for house construction. Make a detailed plan, clear the cost of building a villa.

Villa construction includes: design costs, rough construction, architectural and interior finishing, construction supervision, etc. It is recommended that you choose a professional package construction unit to perform.

Villa design suitable for family budget


4. Quotation of villa house design at New Ideas Interior Architecture

You are wondering about the cost of architectural design and building a package house, so please call us immediately at the hotline +855 12 766 971 to receive the latest advice and quote today.


5. Professional villa design consultation process

Currently, New Ideas is the leading prestigious interior and exterior design and construction unit in the market, including design and construction with a variety of projects such as townhouses, apartments, villas, offices. rooms, restaurants, hotels, etc. The following is the beautiful villa design process of New Ideas Interior for customers to better understand:

5.1. Topographic survey

Send staff to the customer’s house to survey the current status, take accurate measurements to come up with the design, and be the basis for calculations while implementing the design. Based on the requirements, preferences of the owner and the design cost, the architects make the design drawings of the villa accordingly.

5.2 Make design drawings

Based on the requirements, preferences of the owner and design costs, the architects will make the most detailed architectural design drawings of the villa.

5.3. Material selection

Based on the requirements of the homeowner, the investment cost of the architects will calculate the appropriate materials and execute the construction in accordance with the architectural design drawings.

5.4. Supervision of construction on schedule

In the process of professional villa design consultancy, it is necessary to ensure the construction and supervision of construction on schedule committed in the contract, complete the project on schedule to hand over to the customer.


6. New Ideas Interior Architecture – A unit specializing in professional villa design and construction

On the market today, it is not difficult for you to find a company that provides quality villa architectural design services. However, choosing a reputable and reliable villa design and construction address is not easy. If you are not sure which beautiful villa house design service to choose, please contact New Ideas Furniture immediately.

New Ideas Interior Architecture – Professional villa design and construction unit


Interior design services for villas at New Ideas Interiors bring a lot of benefits to homeowners:

  • Surveying architecture and shaping, giving suitable design plans and consulting design styles for each house Free of charge.
  • The design of the villa model ensures aesthetics, scientific and tidy space, bringing convenience to members when living and resting.
  • Beautiful villa design helps homeowners turn ideas into reality, saving time, effort and costs.
  • Bringing a harmonious interior space, creating a special highlight that shows the aesthetic taste of the owner.

For more detailed information about beautiful villa design services, please contact New Ideas Furniture immediately for the best advice!


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