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Construction of showroom is one of the most important stages, which is paid special attention by business owners. Because, this is the process of realizing the idea of interior design in the drawing, showing the level and face of each brand. However, to ensure that the construction process goes smoothly, fully meeting the functions and aesthetics, contractors must have a lot of experience, as well as a high level of skill. With many years of experience in the field of showroom design and construction, today, New Ideas will share with you some useful experiences for this construction item. Absolutely do not miss it.


1. Importance of showroom interior design

1.1. Products will be displayed more easily and aesthetically

Showroom design is an indispensable element in making the displayed products more visible and aesthetically pleasing. If displayed in a well-designed showroom, your products will become more eye-catching and attract the attention of many customers.
However, depending on the characteristics and variety of each product, the company will have its own design and layout suitable for each space, in order to make the product more outstanding.

1.2. Helps light and color be effectively arranged

Light and color are two important factors that help your showroom become more beautiful and impressive. The arrangement, distribution and design of colors in harmony with light will create a feeling of comfort and relaxation for customers.

1.3. Attract customers and impress them more

Showroom is one of the ways to help businesses introduce their products and brands to customers. The store interior designs will highlight the business’s brand and convey the messages that the business wants to send to its customers.
The showroom design associated with the brand is not only professional but also creates a strong attraction for consumers, and at the same time, this is also a good way to emphasize the product brand in their mind.

1.4. Cost savings for the store

With a closed process, from production, construction to complete installation of products and materials, the investment in showroom design is said to be a cost-effective and highly effective solution.

1.5. Effective brand advertising tool

Showroom is the ideal place for you to promote your brand image and bring your products closer to consumers. Therefore, investing in showrooms is the thing that many businesses are interested in. The more you pay attention to the interior design of the showroom, the more effective it will be to promote the brand from it.
Moreover, an impressive and professionally designed showroom not only attracts many new customers but also leaves many good impressions on customers who already know about the brand before, thereby, the ability to buy goods. from them will increase.

2. Important factors when designing a store

2.1. Identify the main concept

Each fashion brand has a different product positioning. Customers and styles are different, so when designing a store, there must be a unified concept to match those elements. The main concept will make a difference for the store or brand and is what helps customers remember when there is a need. Without a dominant concept, the store design is easily messy and creates unprofessionalism for customers.

2.2. Invest in shop façade

The facade is the first factor to impress customers. If the inside of your shop is very spacious and airy with the best clothes, but has an untidy, untidy facade, it is difficult for customers to decide to enter your store.

The design of the facade is an investment that is not inferior to the design inside the shop. The facade needs to be unique, and especially different from your competitors, to make an impression on customers.
In particular, the facade needs to fully show the shop’s information including name, address, phone number, or promotions and discounts.

2.3. The art of light allocation

Lighting is one of the most important factors when designing a fashion shop interior. Each position requires the right lighting. In which, it should be noted that the lighting needs to be connected to important positions including: product shelves, display areas, decoration areas, fitting rooms… to attract customers. The aisle areas, so there is no need to focus the light. In addition, when designing lighting, it is also necessary to pay attention to color and temperature. Using too many lights can result in high store temperatures that are uncomfortable for customers.

2.4. Product display

Product display area is also a place you need to invest seriously. This will be the place to attract the most attention of customers. With each product will have its own unique features, you need to arrange in the appropriate spaces.

2.5. Decorative mannequin

Mannequins should be arranged in places that are easily seen, not hidden from view, and should also be arranged in an orderly manner, without disturbing the eyes. In addition, only the most beautiful, trending pages should be used for mannequins to wear. Do not use too many mannequins at the same time, but choose and change according to the concept, according to the season…

2.6. Mirror arrangement

Whether designing a women’s or men’s clothing store, a mirror is still an indispensable item. Mirrors not only help customers try on items, but also help your space become luxurious and seem more spacious. You need to determine how much is right for your store. From there, plan the layout to suit the space, so that customers can easily try on things.

3. Fashion shop design style 2023

3.1. Vintage Style

One of the most popular clothing store design styles today is the Vintage style. This style brings a unique difference, helping to arouse the interest of customers when visiting and shopping.

3.2. Brick wall style

Brick wall style is no longer a strange style today. However, to increase the impression with customers, you should add a few accents, or create a few points of difference.

3.3. Classy, precious style

If you target customers who are high-income people, then luxury style will be extremely suitable. The main colors of this style are usually symmetrical colors such as black – white, or deep brown, to bring a sense of both elegance and luxury to the space.

Moreover, you can totally combine this style with red or gold color. Because this color is a symbol of power, luck and success.

3.4. Simple style

Simple style is always the first choice in the current fashion shop interior design

(Indochina simple shop style)

(Sportswear store with modern style)

3.5. Contemporary style

Many people will mistake contemporary style as simple style. However, the difference in the use of shapes or decorative objects, is the highlight of this style.

3.6. Country style

Country style will bring intimacy and warmth to the space. White, beige, gray, or cream yellow, etc. are the main colors, often used in this style.

3.7. Youthful, playful style

The youthful and playful style is often used to design children’s clothing stores. Should choose eye-catching colors, such as yellow, pink, red, orange, and some decorative items such as teddy bears and toys to attract children’s eyes.

(Children’s clothing store interior model with youthful, playful style)

(Children’s toy store with eye-catching colors)

(Modern and eye-catching children’s fashion store)

4. Design process of fashion shop, showroom at New Ideas

4.1. Design Process

B1: Store design consultancy
After receiving the invitation, New Ideas will conduct a site survey, discuss with the investor for initial ideas and advice.
B2: Sketching 2D project ideas
Based on the idea, New Ideas will make a preliminary drawing of the project on the 2D layout. Consult information related to materials. Make a budget.
B3: Design consultation for shop façade, signage
Based on the concept of the storeh and the logo, New Ideas advises the shop’s façade, signage
B4: Make detailed shop design drawings.
New Ideas make detailed store design and confirm with customers.
B5: 3D perspective of the project
The design team of architects will simulate the customer’s showroom on 3D drawings.
B6: Browse design documents
After completing the design process, detailed sketches and drawings, New Ideas will provide the investor with a complete set of detailed interior and exterior documents.

4.2. Construction process

When there is a detailed set of documents as the customer wants, New Ideas will carry out construction and furniture production procedures according to the contract with the customer.
The basic construction steps include:
– Install hoarding to shield the store.
– Install electrical wiring to ceiling, floor, lines of networks, cameras, speakers
– Building walls and partitions: Building walls and separating partitions in the store.
– Floor construction: laying floor base and installing floor tiles
– Ceiling construction:
+ Install reinforcement points for places where lights and appliances are hung
+ Install the frame of the lamp hanging
+ Construction of air conditioning and fire protection systems
+ Install false ceiling
– Paint walls and ceilings.
– Construction of doors and signs.
– Complete electrical system:
+ Install lighting system, camera equipment, speakers
+ Installation of sockets, network equipment, fire protection
– Complete installation of fixtures, pictures to decorate the store/showroom
– Acceptance of works and handover to customers.

5. Choosing New Ideas – a reputable shop and showroom design and construction partner

If you are planning to run a fashion shop, finding a company that specializes in consulting and designing store interior is extremely necessary. This will help your store become more unique and impressive, easily attracting the attention of customers. New Ideas with many years of experience in fashion shop interior design will surely make you satisfied. We are committed to:
– Consulting design, construction package for customers.
– Quality assurance and construction progress.
– Reasonable price, quality control with skilled workers and direct factories.
– Support and advice to follow up with customers throughout the construction process.
– 12 months warranty, lifetime repair support.
– Prestige has been confirmed with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of store interior construction.
Some pictures of finished stores

(Finishing construction of Adidas store in Shopping Center)

(Finishing construction of Havaianas Store)

(Finishing construction of Hoang Phuc showroom in Vietnam)

(Finishing construction of MLB store at Aeon Mall Mean Chey)

(Finishing construction of Puma store)

And many other stores
Above are the suggestions for designing fashion shop interior that we want to share with you. For more information, or if you want advice on shop construction, please contact New Ideas Cambodia for advice.

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