Furniture Factory

1. Introduction of high-class furniture factory in Vietnam – Newideas



Furniture factory is a place to provide furniture products in many different shapes and materials to bring the best value to customers. In addition, the products in the furniture workshop are also applied in a strict production process with high requirements. Follow the process at the Newideas factory below!

1.1. Interior design and construction

Full interior design and construction with drawings are the work that requires a high level of expertise. Because this work will help the interior objects be realized from the drawings to real life. These furniture products will be used for living in your own home.



The construction process of a furniture factory is a collection of different stages. All are gathered for the purpose of realizing the drawings. Interior construction has a very important mission and it determines whether the interior product is deviated or not. Interior construction must ensure a lot of requirements in terms of design, size, proportion, color, …

1.2. Construction and design process at New Ideas furniture factory

Interior design and construction need to be carried out according to strict procedures. The implementation plan must be clear and specific to achieve the highest efficiency. The process of designing and constructing high-class furniture includes:

Do survey at construction site

When surveying works in practice, engineers will measure the actual area of the project, then rely on the statistical data to shape and make design ideas. In addition to carefully observing the actual construction, the architects must understand the preferences and desires of the owner.



Build 3D design drawings

Architects, after surveying the actual space, will build 3D drawings. 3D drawings will help customers feel the most realistic space with specific details.

New Ideas will send preliminary quotes to customers based on the company’s listed quotation. Each design style such as: modern style, classic, neoclassical style… will have its own price. Besides, the construction price also depends on the interior materials that you use such as industrial wood, natural wood, iron, steel, glass, stainless steel …. These materials will be consulted carefully during the process that architects communicate with clients.



Detailed quotation for each item

After the customer confirms the 3D design, the engineer of New Ideas makes a detailed quotation for each construction item and interior equipment. The price is reasonable because it is produced directly in the furniture factory without having to go through an intermediary stage. Each interior design item according to each style will be quoted in detail to optimize costs for customers.

The two parties agree on the rights, obligations and construction commitments. The final contract must have a red seal and authentic signatures of both parties.

2. Experience in choosing a reputable interior construction workshop

Staff attitude and advice

Corporate culture is also very important. You should pay attention to the attitude and advice of the staff.

When using any service, you need to pay attention to the attitude and advice of the staff here. At New Ideas, if you receive advice from staff who have passion and in-depth knowledge in the field of furniture, what you will ultimately receive is accurate and enthusiastic advice on the your questions.

Factory transparency

Before you choose an interior construction unit in Cambodia, you must find out the construction unit. Is there transparency at the workshop about the furniture factory information? Or do these construction units operate legally? You can find information on social networking sites to be able to access information more quickly.



Product quality at the interior construction workshop

The ultimate purpose of interior construction at the interior construction workshop is still product quality. In a variety of ways you can find out about product quality and warranty and maintenance commitments. The above information can help you choose a furniture factory, helping you create quality products according to your needs.

3. The reasons you should choose New Ideas furniture workshop

Be a direct furniture factory without intermediaries – price at factory

New Ideas is a good furniture processing factory in Cambodia. We have a full range of wood, iron, and board factories directly managed by New Ideas. Therefore, we are confident to bring our customers the best furniture at the most reasonable price.

Highly skilled and experienced furniture production team

The staff of New Ideas furniture factory is trained and constantly updated with construction and design trends. Besides, modern machines are used in production workshops to increase productivity. All interior design drawings are realized by us directly.

New Ideas furniture workshop with many years of experience in Vietnam

We have 20 years of experience in Vietnam, are the choice of many customers because of the quality of construction, service actions and above all a long-term warranty policy, helping customers always feel secure with their decision. your choice.