Interior Design for Condominium Apartment

What style of apartment interior design is beautiful? How to create a well-equipped and comfortable living space at a reasonable cost? These must be concerns when you own a new home? This article will share with you “all” ideas and experiences about beautiful apartment interior design.



1. The reason for the need to design the apartment interior

1.1. Aesthetics

A beautiful house with an eye-catching design is always the number one priority for every family because it is what people coming to your house will notice the most. Therefore, the role of interior design for apartments is even more important. There are countless designs and structures that you can choose from to make your apartment stand out, or you can design your own. You can choose from modern, classic, abstract, dreamy design styles, all of which will serve to make your home more beautiful and more aesthetically pleasing for you.


1.2. Make the most of the usable area

Apartments often have a limited area, so the interior design of the apartment is extremely important to help you maximize the usable areas of your apartment. , avoiding unnecessary waste of space. To do this, you need professional architects to conduct surveys and measurements to balance and distribute furniture in the most reasonable and optimal way. At this time, your apartment will look more attractive and comfortable, the area is small but it does not feel cramped.


1.3. Reduce construction costs

A good apartment interior design can be used for a long time, does not need to be replaced, modified a lot and because of that, can save a lot of construction or repair costs later. Not only that, an optimal interior design from the beginning has also helped reduce the cost of materials and construction for homeowners, helping them to avoid wasting money and time on remodeling.


1.4. Make the convenience for the repair, maintenance or upgrade process

The durability depends on the people’s usage, but there will always be problems with the interior of the apartment that occur during the use of the house, which may be more or less, so to be able to easily maintain and repair the interior design. From the beginning, this issue must be considered carefully and in detail. A good design not only helps you to repair less, but it can also help you fix faster when problems occur to your apartment. Thus, the value of your apartment will be raised, more sustainable. In addition, with good designs, upgrading your home can also be done more easily, without spending too much on rebuilding.


2. Principles and regulations in apartment interior design

Apartments cannot be designed freely but must follow fixed principles, these principles will help the interior of the apartment be reasonable and harmonious, avoiding waste, loss of money, ensuring aesthetics as well as usable area.

2.1. The balance, matching between color and light

The choice of color for your apartment will depend on the interior style you choose to get the right color and style. For example, for the interior design of a modern or luxurious apartment, you should choose bright and prominent colors, in contrast to the classic or minimalist style you should choose dark or dark colors.


For light, the direction of the window of the house should always be the direction to receive the light. Taking advantage of natural light will help you save money on electricity bills each month. Not only that, natural light also helps your apartment to create a pleasant, comfortable and fresh feeling.

2.2. Feng Shui Elements

This is perhaps the most concerning issue for housing design in general and apartment buildings in particular. The feng shui element includes many smaller elements that make up the house direction, door direction, interior decoration, lighting, etc. It receives great attention because according to the concept, the house has good feng shui. It will bring fortune, luck, health and success to the owner. For this reason, invite a reputable feng shui master to see your home before you do the interior design of your apartment.


2.3. Principle of balance

This is considered an essential principle in apartment interior design. Every object in your apartment must be arranged with the right proportions and its size and quantity, in addition this principle also applies to all relevant elements such as the right color, the right door. the right position, … The objects in the apartment must also be arranged so that the distance between them is balanced, not too far, too close. The balance in the interior design of the apartment will help your apartment be balanced, harmonious, not causing a feeling of being cramped, but on the contrary, very airy and comfortable.


2.4. Principle of Unity

You should only choose a single style for your apartment and have the interior design stick to only one chosen style to create unity. You can not mix many styles at the same time as modern combined with classic, this will cause chaos and loss of aesthetics for the viewer. The fact that you apply a single style to your apartment will create uniformity, consistency as well as formality for the house. In addition, when everything in the house is unified, people looking at your house will be able to immediately detect the style that you are using. This will also be a highlight for the people who come to your house, make good use of this principle.

3. Top most commonly seen apartment interior design styles today

3.1. Apartment interior design in modern style

Modern apartment interior design is also chosen by many homeowners. This style mainly focuses on simple furniture that brings functionality and convenience to life. The general interior layout also focuses on optimizing the space area. Modern design style is extremely suitable for apartments with limited space.


3.2. Apartment interior design in minimalism style

Minimalist designs have become a popular trend these days. With the spirit of “less is more”, every appearance in the space is carefully selected and finely arranged. All redundant details about decoration or interior are minimized to create a simple, airy space but still fully equipped.
Minimalist style is extremely suitable for small apartment interior designs, modest area; homeowners who love a simple lifestyle; Homeowners don’t have much time…

3.3. Apartment interior design in luxury style

Luxury apartment interior designs are also very popular in recent times. The interior layout needs to exude the elegance of the space. Luxurious and modern items are also arranged quite a lot for this style.

3.4. Interior design of the apartment in classic style

The interior design of the apartment in classic style creates sophistication and impression for the space. Classical style focuses on furniture layout with lots of intricate and complicated details. This style has expensive design costs and focuses heavily on high-end materials.

3.5. Apartment interior design in neoclassical style

With “timeless beauty”, balance between modern and classic elements, Neoclassical style blows into living space a luxurious and elegant beauty. This design style is very suitable for those who love classic beauty but do not like to be too ostentatious and cumbersome. However, this style is rarely used for small spaces, but mainly for high-end apartment designs with large areas. Homeowners with aristocratic and classy taste.


Neoclassical apartment design style focuses on the golden ratio in the layout, scientific layout with sophisticated decorative details – carefully calculated and used. The furniture used in neoclassical spaces is quite special from high-quality materials such as leather, marble, wood, etc. Therefore, the cost of interior design of apartments in this style is often quite expensive.


4. Latest apartment design in 2023

4.1. Apartment design model 35 – 50 m2 1 bedroom (Studio)

Below is a summary of some interior designs of 1 bedroom apartments in modern style. With an average area of 35m2 – 50m2, the interior design ensures full functionality, bringing the most comfortable living space. We invite you to check it out!

1-bedroom apartment in modern design


The simple interior design of the living room, the arrangement of the living room connecting the dining room and the kitchen brings a gathering space, cozy and comfortable.


The design takes cream color as the main color combined with wooden furniture to create a cozy and extremely close space for the room.


The living room takes advantage of natural light and simple, modern interior decoration.

Design of a 1 bedroom apartment in a minimalist style


Soft colors and simple wooden furniture are popular in the minimalist style. The scientific layout creates an open and spacious space for the apartment.


Industrial wood materials used in the apartment room create a feeling of lightness and comfort.

Design of a 1-bedroom apartment in Color Block style


The apartment living room is designed prominently with a variety of color combinations from contrasting color blocks to create an impressive, youthful and dynamic space.


The apartment design uses contrasting blue and orange colors to create a lively and eye-catching space. The interior is rounded to create impressive accents.

Design of 1 bedroom apartment in neoclassical style


The apartment space is designed in a modern and luxurious neoclassical style. The room is impressively decorated with chandeliers, sofas, and patterned pillows.


Luxurious apartment with delicate lines, colors are harmoniously combined between white and beige. Impressive green colors from the sofa and decorative pillows create eye-catching accents.


The apartment living room is designed in a unique neoclassical style, with a luxurious and modern layout and color scheme.

4.2. Design of 60 – 80m2 2 bedroom apartment

2-bedroom apartments are currently the most popular type of housing, with an area of 60m2 – 80m2, suitable for families with 2 generations living. To be able to design the interior of a 2-bedroom apartment to meet the aesthetic and optimize the function of the furniture in the apartment, you need to understand clearly the information from the design style, how to choose materials, arrange light, color… in the most specific way.

Design of 60 m2 – 2 bedroom apartment


A small sofa set will help save space in the room, homeowners can be more comfortable in the arrangement of furniture, especially with a small room, it will no longer be a big problem.


The furniture is designed to be compact, suitable for small spaces, without frills, but still make a strong impression.

Design of 70 m2 – 2 bedroom apartment


With an apartment of 70m2, you can completely arrange a living room combined with an office or a small bedroom while still ensuring a spacious area for the kitchen.

Design of 80 m2 – 2 bedroom apartment in modern style

The 80 m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms is a spacious space for you to bring many design ideas for your family’s apartment. However, all spaces need to be designed uniformly to avoid excess space and a feeling of emptiness in the house.


With a large living room and modern design, the furniture used in the living room made from leather is often chosen by many families. With the advantage of luxury, the living room is decorated with large carpets to create an attractive and impressive highlight.


The kitchen and dining room are also arranged to take advantage of natural light combined with wood tones to create a modern yet cozy feeling.

4.3. Design of 90 – 120m2 3-bedroom apartment

Design of 90 m2 – 3 bedroom apartment


With an area of 90 m2 and 3 bedrooms, the living room space needs to be neatly designed to take advantage of the space. The interior design plan of the 90m2 apartment is implemented in detail and carefully by the architect. The synchronization in lighting as well as colors and decorative details are taken care of.

Với diện tích 90 m2 và 3 phòng ngủ, không gian phòng khách cần phải thiết kế gọn gàng để tận dụng không gian. Phương án thiết kế thi công nội thất chung cư 90m2 được kiến trúc sư triển khai chi tiết và kỹ càng. Sự đồng bộ trong ánh sáng cũng như màu sắc và các chi tiết trang trí được quan tâm.


The TV shelf combined with the high wall-mounted decorative cabinet, the white tone covered with acrylic paint, and the black decorative motifs make the living room of the apartment more impressive and beautiful.

Photo 38

The dining table is placed separately in a corner, creating a parallel with the living room. Instead of choosing sophisticated dining tables, wooden dining tables combined with bright upholstered chairs, high and slender legs, will help cheat the area discreetly.

Design of 100 m2 – 3 bedroom apartment


The modern design is extremely beautiful with spacious and comfortable living room space. Large window to take advantage of natural light creates accents to make the room more lively.


Designed with a modern style, taking advantage of all functions suitable for modern young families.

Design of 110 m2 – 3 bedroom apartment

The 3-bedroom apartment model 110m2 with a luxurious and modern interior perspective will surely help many families complete new ideas for their home.


The living room and kitchen are spacious and luxuriously designed, providing a beautiful living space.


The combination of deep neutral tones creates a gentle balance.


The master bedroom is designed in deep, warm and quite simple tones.


The dressing room is scientifically and beautifully designed with deep tones of natural wood.


The bedroom of the eldest daughter is designed to ensure all the criteria, airy and simple. Closet to the ceiling, with a drawer design to make the most of the storage space.


The bedroom of the little girl is mainly decorated with lovely pea-shell pink tones.

Phòng ngủ của cô con gái nhỏ được bài trí chủ đạo với tông màu hồng vỏ đỗ đáng yêu.
Design of 110 m2 – 3 bedroom apartment


Interior design of apartment 120m2 with 3 bedrooms in modern style suitable for space. The colors used are mainly dark brown tones combined with his warm yellow color, decorative items that make the space more luxurious.


The materials in the house are all used high-class materials worthy of a luxuriously designed house.

5. The process in interior design and construction of apartments at New Ideas

Interior design of the apartment has a process of going through 6 steps:
• New Ideas receives information from customers and conducts preliminary surveys to discuss design ideas.
• The two parties sign a design contract; the customer pays 50% of the contract value.
• The team of architects and workers will conduct actual measurements to complete the 2D layout drawings.
• Send 2D design drawings to customers for editing and confirmation. Adjust the design based on the client’s editing request (Up to 3 times)
• The customer confirms the drawing, New Ideas proceeds to complete the 3D drawing, the customer pays remaining 50% of the contract value.
• We deliver all design documents and liquidate design contracts to customers.

Process of apartment interior construction
Apartment interior construction service also goes through 6 steps:
• New Ideas conducts on the volume table, quotes based on design documents and sends to customers. Customers review the quotation, suggest corrections if necessary, and re-confirm the quotation.
• New Ideas sends an interior construction contract based on a confirmed quote. The customer reviews and amends the construction contract if necessary. The two parties sign the contract based on the confirmed contract. After signing the contract, the customer needs to pay 50% of the value of the apartment interior construction contract.
• The team of workers completed the fitout works (ceilings, walls, floors, electrical and technical systems), surveyed the current layout and carefully prepared production plans to produce furniture at the factory.
• We conduct product quality check before shipment, transport furniture to the construction site. The customer pays 40% of the contract value.
• The team of workers installs furniture for the apartment.
• The company final check the installation process and hand over to the investor for acceptance and liquidation of the contract. The customer pays the remaining 10% of the contract upon completion.

6. Why choose New Ideas as an apartment interior design and construction unit?

The apartment is the living space towards modern cities such as Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville. However, in reality, there are not many professional design and construction comoanies in Cambodia. New Ideas with many years of experience in Vietnam in designing and constructing interior packages is a leading and reputable unit in this field. We are confident to bring experience, personnel and high-quality materials to Cambodia with the mission of bringing customers the best quality, most beautiful works at the most reasonable cost. The benefits customers receive when choosing New Ideas:
• Designers have many years of practical experience with high professional qualifications and are trained regularly, so they not only serve customers enthusiastically but also give customers great ideas.
• Samples of furniture or necessary materials will be provided at factory prices, thus optimizing all costs.
• Support customers quickly, not afraid of terrain, weather.
• Lifetime or long-term warranty policy for each project item to help customers feel secure to use.


New Ideas specializes in interior design of apartments, receiving interior design consultations for apartments with all different areas. If you need a quote for interior construction of the apartment, please contact: 012 766 971 or visit the website: for detailed advice.