Interior Bed-room Design for Children

Principles of designing the most beautiful and comfortable children’s bedroom

Children’s bedroom interior design plays an important role in helping children have a comfortable space to play, study and sleep well. The room is also a place to help children have sustainable physical and intellectual development.
However, how to design the children’s bedroom interior is the most suitable, how is the boy’s bedroom different from the girl’s bedroom? If you do not have any ideas, you can immediately refer to the following article from New Ideas.


(Beautiful children’s interior design with bright color space, neatly arranged, full of comfortable study and entertainment space)

1. Ensure safety when designing children’s bedrooms

( The bedroom design with blue and white colors is harmoniously combined and the bed is placed in the middle of the room to create a spacious space for children to play.)

Children are very curious, often climbing, playing. Therefore, you should choose furniture that needs to be of a reasonable size, the corners need to be rounded to ensure that it does not affect children.
You should not use too high cabinets, high bookshelves or sharp objects that can cause damage to your child’s bedroom.

2. Spacious and well-lit bedroom space

(Very cute girls’ bedroom decorations)

In order for your child to have enough space to study and play in the bedroom, you should design scientific furniture to help him have a private, effective study corner and develop his mind fully. You need to choose simple furniture with a compact, smart design that integrates many functions.

3. Choose bright colors for children’s bedrooms

Usually, bright colors will bring a sense of peace, showing optimism, joy and friendliness to family members. These colors contribute to the influence of children’s personality a lot. Therefore, you should choose the right color for the child to create a spacious and clean space for the room.

(Bright colors help stimulate children’s joy)

4. Decorate children’s bedroom space suitable for each age

Usually, the psychology and preferences of each child will change according to different ages. Therefore, you should know how to flexibly change the bedroom space to suit the needs and development of children.

(For furniture such as beds, desks, wardrobes, you should pay attention to their durability and value to save money, but still make sure they are suitable for your baby’s age.)

5. Decorate the bedroom according to the child’s taste

Based on colors and preferences, parents can choose the appropriate style for their children. Usually, children will enjoy the bedroom with impressive colors and cute funny images.
You should choose furniture and design styles to stimulate children’s thinking, creativity and good independent habits.

6. Design a children’s bedroom to ensure feng shui

The bedroom ensures feng shui will bring peace, luck and health to the child. The arrangement and selection of furniture from the position of the bed, the window to the color of the walls, furniture and other decorative items must ensure the feng shui element.

When designing, you need to pay attention to ensure that the above principles are followed to have a beautiful, harmonious and fully equipped bedroom space to help children play, entertain and sleep well.

Notes when designing a shared bedroom for boys and girls

6.1. Choose the right color for your child’s taste

You need to choose colors that are appropriate for the gender, age and preferences of the child. Boys often like strong colors such as blue, green… and girls like softer colors like pink, orange, purple, turquoise.
In addition, introverted, closed children will prefer a quieter space and need to choose neutral colors for their bedroom.

(The bedroom with white – dark blue colors is suitable for mischievous boys)

(Pretty girl’s bedroom interior with lovely yellow – white – pink tones for girls)

(Introverts will love this quiet, calming color room.)

6.2. Common spaces stimulate the baby’s imagination and creativity

Children’s shared bedrooms are often limited in terms of space. Therefore, the most useful solution is to choose simple, integrated multi-functional furniture to save space, or a modern double-decker bed to create a bond between the children.

(The system of windows in the direction of sunlight, helps the room to be airy, bright and has fresh air. The play corner is arranged right next to the children to feel most comfortable when playing.)

6.3. Make a clear difference for the common bedroom space of 2 children

With 2 different genders, surely the interests of the 2 babies are also different, so you need to know how to make a difference for this common space.

The corner of the boy’s bedroom should have fun, playful and colorful designs and decorations. As for girls who love lightness, femininity, and dreams, they should design in a cute style with gentle colors.

The shared bedroom for boys and girls is very cute with pink bedding sets for girls and blue bedding sets for boys.

7. The most beautiful children’s bedroom designs 2023

7.1. Top 11 bedroom designs for boys

With this sleeping space, boys can unleash their creativity, increase their imagination and stimulate their sensitive thinking.

Model 1: Design a beautiful mint-color boy’s bedroom with modern decorations and night lamp. The arrangement of the bed close to the corner of the wall creates space for children to comfortably play.

Model 2: Doremon bedroom design for boys is funny, stimulates creativity, nurtures an optimistic and happy soul for the kid..

Model 3: Dynamic yellow – green boy’s bedroom furniture, bookshelves arranged scientifically for an effective, fresh and warm study space.

Model 4: Interior layout of a boy’s bedroom with a modern, convenient, and space-saving bunk bed. The study corner is arranged next to the window, ensuring enough natural light and helping the child focus on studying.

Model 5: Design with bunk beds, harmonious color combination to help children develop comprehensively and love this comfortable sleeping space.

Model 6: Vivid bedroom layout for 2 boys, decorative details of peaceful sky wall stickers and innocent play scenes help form a happy, loving personality for children.

Model 7: Unique neoclassical style bedroom furniture for boys, ensuring a private, scientific space for studying and playing effectively with a design that makes use of a wardrobe as a utility bunk bed.

Sample 8: Bedroom design for 2 boys in dynamic blue, symbolizing a peaceful, peaceful personality, having a deep and good sleep for boys.

Model 9: A bedroom model for 2 boys who are passionate about cars, warm colors, unique wall decoration details, connected to a vivid car-shaped bed.

Model 10: Bright, blue boy’s bedroom design hopes for the best, peace and comfort to nurture the child’s soul.

Model 11: Creative bedroom design with playful dinosaur motifs for babies is beautiful, interesting, dynamic and stimulates creativity.

7.2. Top 11 bedroom designs for girls

Model 12: Design a cute girl’s bedroom, scientifically decorated, ensuring a reasonable living space.

Model 13: Soft pink girl’s bedroom design, full of natural light, cool many girls love.

Model 14: Newly designed bedroom, with windows to receive gentle and lovely light, creating a sense of peace, helping to refresh the mind and positive energy for girls.

Model 15: The classroom decoration for girls is chosen by many parents and children.

Sample 16: Lovely, fresh girl’s bedroom design with gentle white colors combined with neutral light blue.

Model 17: Bedroom design for 2 girls with bunk beds with smart furniture, saving sleeping space, neatly arranged to increase the beauty of the bedroom.

Model 18: Simple, unique, gentle and luxurious baby bedroom interior design.

Model 19: The girl’s bedroom in pastel pink is luxurious, elegant, clean and comfortable.

Model 20: Innovative and impressive blue bedroom interior design for girls from 12 years old.

Model 22: Luxurious, eye-catching, classy neoclassical girls bedroom for girls

7.3. Shared bedroom model for boys and girls

You must be very subtle and ingenious when designing a common bedroom space for two children, ensuring the space is harmonious and suitable for the opposing interests of both children. Here are the ideal suggestions to create a beautiful, comfortable and balanced shared bedroom space for children.

Model 23: A mint green bedroom model with a double bed mixed with gold motifs suitable for both boys and girls.

Model 24: Simple shared bedroom for boys and girls, ensuring a comfortable living space.

Model 25: Use a bed with convenient drawers for effective storage, cherishing a good night’s sleep for children.

Model 26: Using a smart, space-saving and safe bunk bed suitable for the common bedroom space of boys and girls makes the baby’s life more comfortable and scientific.

Model 27: Double bed is suitable for twins boys and girls with a bookshelf with many compartments to stimulate the creativity and exploration of the baby.

Model 28: The bedroom uses simple and beautiful textured wallpaper instead of paint to make the room lively and suitable for the children’s bedroom.

Model 29: Using convenient shelves, reasonable and beautiful hanging pictures to create a separation for a harmonious 2-bed bedroom design.

Model 30: Choose to buy a double study table to save space, suitable for 2 children to help each other study for the common bedroom space of boys and girls.

Why choose Newideas as a bedroom interior design partner for children?

Interior design of children’s bedrooms is always a dilemma for many architects today, how to make each work, when completed, meet the children’s wishes, as well as a place for children to develop their ideas. in a more complete direction. Coming to Newideas, we will have the perfect solutions for customers.

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Let’s turn the bedroom space into a tool to help bring interesting experiences for children. Any detailed information related to children’s bedroom interior design / bedroom interior construction, please contact us immediately for timely support!