Bedroom Interior Designs

The Most Modern Beautiful Bedroom Interior Designs 2023

New Ideas introduces you to beautiful bedroom interior designs ranging from small to large with a modern, minimalist and luxurious style. Suitable for all types of apartments, townhouses, villas. The bedroom is an important and indispensable private space in the house, so the interior design of the bedroom always receives special attention and care in interior design.



Whether it is a small bedroom or a bedroom with a large space, it also needs to bring the owner’s own imprint. Bedroom design is a guarantee of harmony between the elements of color, light, aesthetics, art, applicability, …. Building a comfortable bedroom interior space will give you and your family members a good night’s sleep, ensuring the best health.



1. Modern and beautiful interior design styles for bedrooms

1.1. Modern style bedroom interior design

It is the most popular and beloved interior design style today. Because the characteristic feature of modern style is focusing on function, compactness and convenience. Limiting the motifs, every detail is simplified to suit the needs of the user, this style makes the bedroom space to be used to the fullest, giving a feeling of more spaciousness than it actually is.


Although modern bedroom design is quite simple, that does not mean that the bedroom is monotonous or boring. During the design process, architects will use a number of measures to create accents, making the space more beautiful and impressive.


Modern bedrooms prefer gentle neutral colors such as white, gray, gray, brown, black… However, that does not mean that colors are limited in this framework, sometimes other prominent colors such as hot colors: red, orange, pink, purple… are also cleverly used to adorn the space.
In addition, modern bedrooms can also use deep colors such as earth brown, gray, navy blue, charcoal purple, dark brown, red… Whatever color you choose, it is important to note that it is important to coordinate the elements. colors together in a harmonious way to create unity in the whole space.


1.2. Neo-classical style bedroom design

The neoclassical design style is the intersection of classic and modern beauty, giving the bedroom the luxury, luxury and class like royalty. This style focuses on sophisticated decorative details, soft curves, combined with the lines of the walls and ceiling arranged symmetrically, creating a perfect aesthetic structure.


1.3. Classical style bedroom design

Classical bedroom interior design often uses large sized beds, carved and sculpted with sophisticated patterns. Besides, the wardrobe, dressing table, bedside tab are also designed to be decorated in a sophisticated and sophisticated way.


In these classic bedrooms, homeowners should choose luxurious and noble colors such as white, bronze, beige, etc.
This classic style bedroom model will often prioritize the ancient and traditional features of European civilization, bringing elegance and elegance to the bedroom.
Therefore, the cost to decorate in a classical style for the bedroom is very large. To be able to fully promote the aesthetics of this style, the bedroom must have a large space. Therefore, we only encounter these luxurious bedroom models in high-class apartments, high-class townhouses or villas.

1.4. Luxury style bedroom interior design

The bedroom is designed in a Luxury style that is popular and loved by the upper class. They bring the luxurious and lavish beauty of the owner by investing in high-class bedroom furniture, combining the thoughtfulness and perfection in the arrangement and layout of the bedroom space.


Luxury-style bedroom design will use all high-class furniture such as gilded metal, natural wood, natural stone, leather, fur, high-grade felt, … showing class, luxury and nobility of the owner.

1.5. Minimalism bedroom design style

Minimalist style has a layout followed to the principle of “Less is more”, which means ultimate simplicity, as simple as possible. Choosing a minimalist style for your bedroom will help you minimize stress and absolute fatigue, away from unnecessary clutter and excess.


Minimalist bedroom design not only brings spacious and airy bedroom space, but also helps customers not spend too much time cleaning. Although using minimalist furniture, the room always ensures full comfort and modernity.

2. Interior design of a small bedroom with an area of 5m2 – 8m2

Bedrooms from 5-8 m2 have a modest area, so it is necessary to choose a simple, suitable design, ensuring comfort and bearing the personal impression of the members.

Bedroom design 5 m2


This beautiful 5m2 bedroom model is designed with basic furniture in the bedroom such as: bed, wardrobe, space-saving wall shelf and simple decoration style so as not to cause confusion but still ensure convenient.


The design of a 5m2 bedroom often prioritizes the use of smart furniture to maximize the use of space. You can decorate the room with medium-sized wall paintings to increase aesthetics without making the room feel cramped.

Bedroom design 6 m2


Similar to a 5m2 bedroom, when planning ideas for designing or arranging furniture for a 6m2 bedroom, people often choose items of moderate size, not using too much furniture. A simple bed, bedside tab combined with wall paintings, lamps and feather rugs help the room become more beautiful, sophisticated and luxurious.

Bedroom design 7-8 m2

For a bedroom of 7-8m2, you can choose and arrange fully furnished furniture including: bed, wardrobe, dressing table, bedside tab and should choose a wall-mounted TV shelf to save space.


3. Interior design of a small bedroom with an area of 9m2 – 14m2

Bedrooms with an area of 9-14m2 are quite common and often found in townhouses or tube houses. Let’s refer to the most reasonable and beautiful interior design for this type of bedroom.

Bedroom design 9 m2

Caption: 9m2 bedroom interior in gentle and delicate tones

The interior design of the 9m2 bedroom with minimalist furniture, but thanks to the reasonable layout, has created an extremely airy open space. The interior uses natural wood and gentle tones to help the room become more beautiful and sophisticated.

Modern 10m2 bedroom design

The 10m2 bedroom can be said to be not too small, nor too big, when we know how to arrange the furniture reasonably and appropriately, the space will become more comfortable for you to live and rest.

Modern 11m2 bedroom design

The 11m2 bedroom is reasonably designed, the furniture is arranged to be comfortable and ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the room.


With the main white interior, the simple design includes a bed, a desk, and a wall-mounted wardrobe to save space, and a single wardrobe with a mirror to make the room more spacious.

Interior design of the bedroom 12m2 is gentle and warm

Modern bedroom furniture is arranged reasonably, the size of the furniture is carefully adjusted to fit the area of the room, including a dressing table, an interconnected wardrobe, a bed right next to the window. Get the most light in the room.


Bedroom design 12m2 with basic furniture including 1 bedside table, bed and wardrobe combined with wooden floor to create coziness for the room.

Modern 13m2 bedroom interior design


The bedroom design model optimizes space by choosing smart bedroom furniture including: a multi-function bed with storage, a wall-mounted dressing table that fits the side of the bed and saves space. Reasonable layout to help open space.

14 m2 bedroom interior design


High-class bedroom interior design with luxurious and delicate white tones with light wooden floor lining, bed, luxurious feather carpet, dressing table, double desk with bookshelves are simple and elegant wall hanging wooden slats.

4. Interior design of a small bedroom with an area of 15m2 – 20m2

15m2 bedroom interior design


The youthful, modern and fresh interior of neutral colors helps the bedroom space become stronger and more attractive. Interior design has a harmonious combination of beds, cabinets, dressing tables to decorative items such as carpets to bring the most beautiful space.

16m2 bedroom interior design


This design helps to show off all the natural and luxurious beauty of the interior materials in the room. Natural wood furniture always brings a sophisticated and deep space, affirming the aesthetic taste and class of the owner.


Design the bedroom in a modern style with an emphasis on light blue tones. In addition, for small bedroom spaces, how to design to make full use of natural light to create a sense of spaciousness for your bedroom.

17m2 bedroom interior design


Unique bedroom interior design is shown through the arrangement of mirrors of various sizes at the head of the bed. The interior is simple but sophisticated, including: a simple wall-mounted desk, floor mats in the same tone as the bed’s bedding, along with a wardrobe designed with drawers for storage or decoration.

18 m2 bedroom interior design


With an area of 18m2, an ideal bedroom space for you to comfortably decorate. However, for the interior of the 18m2 bedroom, you should not cram too much furniture, so choose a streamlined design to ensure the most spacious and airy space. For colors, you can choose gentle tones such as light wood tones, blue, blue, pink …

19 m2 bedroom interior design


Natural wood furniture is always the choice of many people because it brings class to your bedroom. With a fairly large area of 19m2, you can choose a large wardrobe that combines both decorative and storage drawers, a fairly spacious dressing table close to the wall, a large fur rug, 2 top Tabs. The bed with a central bed in the middle creates luxury and is still warm by the cozy dark brown wood color.

5. Interior design of large bedroom 20 – 30 m2

Interior design of a comfortable 20m2 bedroom


With an area of 20m2, the bedroom interior is designed with a large size wardrobe with a corner for arranging furniture and books. The headboard has drawers for books or pictures, 2 bedside tables for storage. The headboard is designed with LED lights and uses light wood grain as an accent. Especially, the large window is integrated with the relaxation corner, making the overall room not too empty due to the reasonable and skillful interior layout.

Classy 25m2 bedroom interior design


The bedroom design uses high-class furniture with a large upholstered bed, a relaxing round table with a long TV shelf, a wardrobe combined with decorative boxes for storage. The highlight is the walls are designed with stone to create luxury and class for the room.

27m2 modern bedroom design


With large bedrooms, homeowners often prioritize using natural wood furniture to increase the elegance and class of the space. With an area of 27m2, you can design an additional bathroom inside the bedroom for convenience and increase the aesthetics and comfort of the space.


lso a bedroom design using natural wood furniture including a bed, a dressing table, but the headboard is decorated with a natural wooden frame to create a highlight in the room. In addition, with a large area of 27m2, there is an extremely convenient large dressing room right in the room.

30m2 luxury and modern bedroom

For this area, it is often applied in high-class apartment bedrooms, villas, townhouses… the space is quite spacious so you can choose for yourself the most “difficult” styles like antiques. classical or neoclassical. You can refer to the details through the following templates.

30m2 bedroom with classic design style with classy furniture

The master bedroom is designed in a luxurious classic style with metallic gold tones.


If you like a bedroom with a gentle neoclassical style, then immediately refer to the following sample. The bedroom interior with simple lines combined with the simple lines of the architecture creates a delicate harmony, The highlight for this bedroom is the extremely impressive green wall at the head of the bed.

Gentle and delicate neoclassical style with impressive lines and scientific layout.


Impressive bedroom design with pure white tones combined with dercor ceiling lights brings a sense of luxury.


6. Children’s bedroom interior design

For children’s bedrooms, when designing, you should choose bright and eye-catching colors and use smart furniture, materials that are friendly and safe for users’ health.

6.1. Interior design of a boy’s bedroom

Bedroom design for 5 – 10-year-old boy


This is the most suitable design for a boy’s bedroom from 5 to 10 years old with eye-catching colors, many fun pictures to help children unleash their fun, creativity and comfort.


The model of a boy’s bedroom with a double bed is currently very popular. The bed is designed according to the age of the baby, linked by the headboard system and using the most appropriate and bright colors.

Design of a boy’s bedroom with bunk beds


Using the main interior bunk bed is ideal for your child’s bedroom, especially for townhouses that are not too large. This bedroom design is suitable for 2 boys with bunk beds, double study desks, large wardrobes, …

6.2. Interior design for a girl’s bedroom


Designing a girl’s bedroom with gentle color tones combined with lively and lovely decorative furniture and lights, wall paintings gives the baby the most favorite private space.

Design a bedroom for a girl from 5 to 10 years old using smart furniture


When designing a girl’s bedroom, it is definitely impossible to ignore the super sweet pink tone that shows the cuteness and purity of the children. The bedroom uses smart furniture, a bed in the form of a platform, a study table, a fully equipped bookshelf.

Interior design for a girl’s bedroom from 12 to 15 years old


For older girls, from 12 to 15 years old, it is recommended to use bedroom designs with bright, gentle, delicate colors and full, more thoughtful interiors.

7. Why choose New Ideas to build bedroom furniture?

7.1. Creative and experienced bedroom interior design team

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