Living Room Interior Design

Living room interior design trends change constantly. So you need to constantly update the information about the design of the living room. Interior designs require sophistication and high aesthetics. An overview of the living room interior designs will be updated in the article below.


1. Why should you own a delicate living room space?



The living room is located in a very important position. Because this is the first space the guests when coming to your house see. The requirements for the living room and the furniture are higher than the furniture of other spaces. This is also a place where family gatherings can be held.


The style of the living room needs to be unique and suitable for the architectural space. New Ideas designs will help you get the most out of your home.
Living room space requires the owner’s overview and investment level. Any design involved must be based on area specifications and current trends. In addition, if you consider the element of luck and fortune, you may be interested in the feng shui element. Let your house be located in the position of the house that can be located in the most prosperous location.
When it comes to living room interior design styles, there are many models. However, you can identify living rooms with patterns such as:

  • Neoclassical living room model
  • Modern living room model
  • Model of living room for tube house
  • Model of living room with kitchen
  • Wood paneled living room model
  • Villa living room model
  • Model of apartment living room
    You can refer to the modern and luxurious interior designs below.

2. Living Room Designs

2.1. Modern living room designs

Modern living room with white and gray as the main color shows sophistication in interior design.

Design number 1: is a living room design that takes white and gray as the main color. Combine with circular or elliptical interior designs. The living room space is arranged with a white sofa set combined with brown wooden walls. Above the wall hang paintings combined with spotlights to create accents.

Design model number 2: is the interior design is still gray and white. However, the highlight inside is the black and warm yellow table that shows the class of the room. The carpet with white background and motifs chasing the center also creates a highlight for the room.


Design model number 3: With the main color being brown and black, the design brings the class and elegance of the owner of the house, with the highlight being the marble living table with warm yellow light. The color combination is simple but very subtle.

2.2. Neoclassical living room design

Neoclassical living room design brings luxury and regal, suitable for homeowners who prefer luxurious, elegant, royal beauty of European architecture but still retain modernity and comfort. However, to get the right neoclassical space is not easy because it must adhere to extremely disciplined principles. New Ideas will share with you some neoclassical living room models.

Model 2: Neoclassical living room for living room in condominium

Model 3: Interior of a neoclassical villa living room

Other luxurious living room designs

3. Why choose New Ideas for living room interior design and construction?

3.1. High qualification

New Ideas is an interior design company with many years of experience. The company has been fortunate to become a partner of hundreds of customers throughout Vietnam. We can meet all your living room interior design needs. Besides, we are always ready to answer any questions of customers.

3.2. Prestigious scale workshop

The size of the factory is a factor that significantly affects the reputation of the company. New Ideas owns a large workshop with modern equipment. The applied New Ideas technologies are advanced technologies in the world today. The interior design of the living room is always committed to quality by New Ideas.

3.3. Professional working style, on time

We take the criteria of professionalism and punctuality to bring the best service quality to customers.

3.4. Dedicated support 24/7/365

New Ideas is committed to dedicated 24/7/365 customer support. Customers can contact us through the company website, customer care phone number or Hotline. New Ideas’ technical team will support to solve and fix problems in a timely manner.

3.5. Competitive price

We are not committed to the cheapest price, but we are committed to quote the best market price. The value that New Ideas brings to you is more than the cost you spend. We do not provide cheap living room interior design drawing services, poor quality, and discredit the brand.

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