Townhouse Architecture Design

999 the most beautiful, modern and most popular townhouses 2023

Currently, townhouses are built very popularly in residential areas and urban areas. The design of the townhouse is considered the optimal solution and is favored by many homeowners because of its optimal functionality and diverse designs. In the article below, let’s find out in detail the design trends of modern and classy townhouses in 2023 with New Ideas.

1. The most beautiful and popular townhouses in 2023

Townhouse design is popular because it takes up little space, is diverse in architectural types and roof types. Here are some beautiful and popular townhouse models today:

1.1. Thai roof townhouse architecture

Model of beautiful street-side house with Thai roof with high aesthetics is loved by its architectural form. Not only that, the Thai roof townhouse keeps the house clean and well ventilated because of its very good moisture and heat resistance.


Beautiful townhouse design with Thai roof


Beautiful townhouse design with Thai roof


1.2. Architecture of flat roof townhouse

The model of a beautiful townhouse with a flat roof with the main highlight is the box-shaped blocks, the airy front of the house helps to well catch the wind, helping to shield the direct sunlight into the house. Owning this unique structure helps to arrange the function of the house in a more scientific way.


Architectural model of beautiful townhouse with flat roof


Modern flat roof townhouse design


1.3. The design of a split-storey townhouse

The design of a split-storey townhouse is interested by many investors because of its high aesthetics. Owning square, solid walls create a solid, strong for the whole house.


Beautiful townhouse model with split floor design


Modern split-storey townhouse design


1.4. Model of neoclassical townhouse

The model of a beautiful townhouse in neoclassical style has a beautiful blend of modern and classic styles. The design of this townhouse style still retains aristocratic elegance with meticulous attention to classic details. However, the difference of the neoclassical style is that the pattern lines have been minimalist, reducing the fussiness, instead highlighting the main space.

With small circular cylinder treatment along with emphasizing the design of the facade, creating an airy space for the neoclassical townhouse model. Seen from afar, your house will put on a healthy, modern beauty that has the attraction of conquering all the senses of the viewer.


Beautiful neoclassical townhouse model


Model of beautiful townhouse in neoclassical style

1.5. Model of a 2-facade townhouse

Owning a beautiful townhouse with 2 fronts is always the pride of homeowners. With two fronts next to the family living space, many homeowners also take advantage of this to do business, trade, open cafes, fashion store, ….

You can choose from many different townhouse design styles to create a highlight for the house such as Thai roof townhouse style, or flat roof townhouse to optimize space but also not disrupt the luxurious beauty of the house.


Beautiful townhouse design with 2 facades


Model of a townhouse with 2 facades in modern style


Model of a beautiful townhouse with 2 fronts


1.6. Beautiful townhouse design with a frontage of 4m

A beautiful townhouse model with a 4m frontage combined with striking and fancy colors will attract strong attention. This townhouse design will be the perfect choice for you to make a difference for your home. Possessing a beautiful townhouse frontage with a modern and scientific cubic design, all combined to create a homogeneous and elegant whole for the house.


Beautiful townhouse design with a frontage of 4m


Beautiful townhouse facade model combined with business


1.7. Townhouse model with a frontage of 5m

The design of the townhouse with a frontage of 5m is simple but extremely unique. The colors you use in the house are not cumbersome, messy, instead you can choose light and dark tones cleverly combine them together to create the most beautiful color scheme for the house.

The balcony of the 2nd floor you can use to plant trees, vegetables or as a space for the family to sit and chat with each other.


Beautiful townhouse model with a frontage of 5m


Modern townhouse facade design


1.8. The design of a townhouse with a frontage of 6m

The current model of a beautiful townhouse with a facade of 6m is designed mainly based on modern style, combining shapes and colors to create a harmonious and uniform beauty for the house.


Townhouse design with a frontage of 6m


Model of a beautiful townhouse with a facade of 6m in classic style


1.9. Townhouse model with a frontage of 7m

Owning a house with a street frontage of 7m will be very suitable for you to take advantage of opening more clothing shops or cafes. In addition, when designing townhouse facades, you should not be too picky, but instead you should choose white as the main color, combined with a system of glass windows to help the house become more luxurious.


Model of a modern townhouse with a beautiful and luxurious 7m frontage


Unique beautiful townhouse design


1.10. Beautiful model townhouse 1 floor

A beautiful 1-storey townhouse model will be an ideal space for newlyweds or new families with 2-3 people. The area of ​​the house is not too large, so the cost of designing a townhouse or construction is not too much. You can take advantage of the wide roof to block sunlight from entering the house. In addition, taking advantage of planting more trees on the land in front of the yard will also bring you a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

The space inside your house should use glass doors to help light spread into the house, expanding the maximum area. At the same time, the main white tone will also be extremely suitable for the house, combined with furniture made from brown wood will bring a luxurious and sophisticated living space.


Modern one-story townhouse design


Model of a modern one-storey townhouse


1.11. Beautiful 2-storey townhouse model

With a 2-storey townhouse model, you can design with many different styles. If you choose to design a townhouse in a modern style, the house will put on a healthy beauty, simple but no less sophisticated.

In addition, you can arrange more potted plants around to create a natural, gentle space for the house.


Modern townhouse façade


Beautiful 2-storey townhouse facade model


1.12. Beautiful 3-storey townhouse model

The current 3-storey beautiful townhouses are mainly built in the style of Thai roofs or flat roofs. However, you can break the way for the house with skewed or Japanese roof styles to add uniqueness.

If you love neoclassical style, you can also choose to design a 3-storey townhouse in this style. Model of 3-storey house with large pillar design and painted white, stair handrails made from natural wood will certainly bring a sense of certainty and majesty to the house.


Modern beautiful townhouse model


Popular model of beautiful 3-storey house

1.13. Beautiful 4-storey townhouse model

With an area of ​​4 floors, it will be very suitable for households with many generations. You can freely choose beautiful townhouses in different styles such as modern, minimalist or industrial. However, the modern style townhouse design is still the most popular choice for many households.


Modern and luxurious 4-storey townhouse design


Beautiful modern 4-storey townhouse model


2. Features of the current townhouse model

A townhouse is a house facing the main roads. This model can have from 2-4 floors depending on the needs of the owner and the planning of the residential area and the use of the family.

Usually, beautiful townhouses are built on a small plot of land with an area ranging from 4-7m wide, the size of the front is not large, but the back is long. In fact, there are houses with a length of up to 15-20m, forming a small rectangular box in width, long depth.


Beautiful townhouse model is always the choice of many families today


The area of townhouses varies from 50m2 to more than 100m2 depending on the size of the land and the construction needs of each family. To ensure the right function of the house to meet the needs of daily life for the family, the design of townhouses is usually to build a 3-storey house with a facade for better natural sunlight.

With beautiful townhouses, no matter what style they are designed, they must ensure the elements of feng shui. In urban areas, the design of skylights is usually from the lower floor to the terrace, creating a characteristic for townhouses. For a 3-storey townhouse, the lower floor is for business activities, and the upper floor is used for living and working. With this layout, the space is more beautiful, effectively saving construction costs.


3. Pros and Cons of today’s beautiful townhouses

When designing a house, especially for the design of townhouses, you need to understand the following advantages and disadvantages to have the most beautiful and luxurious townhouse models.

3. 1. Advantages of the townhouse model

  • Owning a townhouse, homeowners are proactive in building/repairing their house without waiting for opinions like when owning an apartment. Family activities such as weddings and festivals also ensure privacy and are more comfortable.
  • Expenses are saved to the maximum, you do not have to pay such things as parking fees, maintenance fees, maintenance…
  • With a townhouse, homeowners will be more convenient when doing business and commuting.
  • Homeowners are more flexible if they need to sell their house without ever worrying about losing their capital.


Designing townhouses helps you actively build, repair and maintain


3.2. Disadvantages of the townhouse model

  • Usually, beautiful townhouses are not designed with windows at the side of the house. Because these are often built close together, it is difficult to have windows on the side. And this makes the house quite mysterious.
  • The width and front of townhouses are usually quite small, so it is difficult to arrange and arrange furniture.
  • The space of the townhouse is secretive and rigid, sometimes it is necessary to use lights during the day. Therefore, if choosing a townhouse, the owner must accept the mysterious space and lack of natural light.
  • The design of townhouses often has frontages in contact with the road, in residential areas, so noise is affected. Moreover, it is difficult for homeowners to control issues such as theft, security.


Samples of beautiful townhouse facades


4. The current trend of beautiful townhouse design

The current popular architectural design trends for townhouses are based on evaluation and division by area, style and number of floors. As follows:

4.1. Designing townhouses in architectural style

Beautiful townhouses are designed with a variety of different styles, choosing suitable designs to help homeowners visualize their future living space. The design of townhouses in architectural style can be mentioned as follows:

  • Modern townhouse architecture
  • Classic townhouse architecture
  • Neoclassical townhouse architecture
  • French townhouse architecture
  • Architecture of townhouses in European style.


Modern style townhouse design

4.2. Designing townhouses by roof type

The trend of designing townhouses by type of roof is becoming popular. Besides using traditional tile roofs, you can create more accents for your house with more beautiful and diverse types of roofs such as:

  • Townhouses with Thai roofs: Beautiful townhouses with Thai roof designs with scientific architecture will help increase heat resistance better, effectively prevent water drainage. The Thai roof also gives the house a unique highlight, which is very suitable when combined with the neoclassical space.
  • Flat roof townhouses: Modern flat roof models are trending in housing design today. With this type of roof, you can take advantage of the terrace to make a very ideal swimming pool or drying clothes.
  • Townhouse with A-shaped roof: The A-shaped roof design is not too strange for households. However, this type of design is currently being improved a lot in terms of aesthetics. The space of the tiled roof is mixed or overlapped to create a special highlight for the house.
  • Split-storey townhouse: If the design of the Thai roof gives you a feeling of luxury and elegance, the design of the slanted roof will create a more impressive highlight than that of the Thai roof. This is a unique modern townhouse model that blends modern and classic styles to create a unique feature for the roof space, enhancing the overall beauty.


Beautiful townhouse model with modern Thai roof design


4.3. Design of townhouses according to the area of the facade

The design of townhouses depends on the land area and facade, here are some different beautiful townhouses:

  • Townhouse frontage 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m,…
  • Townhouses have an area of 4x14m, 4x16m, 4x18m, 4x20m,…
  • The townhouse has an area of 50m2, 60m2, 80m2, 100m2, 120m2,…


Modern townhouse design with 4m frontage


4.4. Designing a townhouse by the number of floors

Beautiful townhouse design is also divided by the number of floors, if you want to live comfortably or have a large family, homeowners can build more floors:

  • Ground floor townhouse with mezzanine
  • Modern 1-storey townhouse
  • 2-storey townhouse
  • 3-storey townhouse
  • 4-storey townhouse
  • 5-storey townhouse with garden
  • 6-storey townhouse


Beautiful 3-storey townhouse model


5. Experience to choose a beautiful townhouse model according to your needs

For buildings with limited width such as townhouses or beautiful tube houses, you should understand the following ideas to be able to choose for yourself the most beautiful and luxurious townhouses.

5.1. Determine the needs of the family

Before coming up with an idea for a house, the homeowner must clearly define the needs of the family. From there, we will discuss with the architect to get the most suitable functional ground.


Determine the needs of the family


5.2. Estimated maximum investment cost

To choose the most optimal option, before deciding to find a design and construction company, homeowners need to estimate their investment costs accurately. Having this helps you to know if the option is feasible the correct choice or not.


Budgeting for a beautiful townhouse


5.3. Hire a reputable home design company

It is necessary to consult and thoroughly research the townhouse design company before proceeding to build the house. This partner will be responsible for the design, construction and construction, perspective and layout of functions in a scientific way. As well as helping you complete the house as desired.


Hire a reputable home design company


5.4. Hire a full-package construction company

One of the simplest ways for you to own a beautiful townhouse model is to hire a full-package construction company. For outsourcing the whole thing, you will not spend much time and effort, instead you just need to stand to supervise and check the quality of the work to make it right. However, choosing a reputable, quality package construction company is not an easy thing. Contractors need to have a clear workflow, understand what you need for a house. After that, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork, measure the area, design drawings and discuss ideas, then proceed to construction. All these working stages will be discussed in detail by the two parties. After the application will proceed to sign a package rental contract.


Hire a full-package construction company


6. Experience in choosing a beautiful and reputable townhouse design contractor

In order to have a beautiful townhouse design that expresses the wishes of the investors most clearly, the contractors will be the most effective option. However, a design unit will need to ensure the following basic criteria to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the house.

6.1. Years of operation and rich experience

First, investors will need to find out how long the unit has been operating in the industry to assess the level of professionalism and prestige. Contractores with more than 10 years of experience often own a lot of outstanding designs and receive a lot of satisfaction from customers.


Choose a unit with a long operating time


6.2. Own a safe and reputable website with diverse products

The current trend of searching for construction contractors is mostly online, through social networking sites, and consulting websites. Therefore, investors can assess the size of the unit they are interested in based on the website with diverse reference products and drawings. This is also a way to help customers get new ideas for their projects.


Choose construction contractor that own reputable websites


6.3. Directly discuss with investors about design requirements

The exchange between the investor and the design company about the townhouse drawing is extremely important. This stage will help the contractor receive the wishes and requirements from the customer that they want to show on the drawings. Contractors need to listen and find the best solutions for customers.


Discuss to the landlord about the design of the townhouse in advance


6.4. Professional staff

An indispensable element in townhouse design units is a team of professional, experienced and skilled staff for every project. The design staff will need to ensure enough architectural knowledge to bring the most creative and unique drawings. Consultants must quickly grasp information provided from customers and be ready to give dedicated advice.


Requirements for employees working at construction contractors


6.5. Reasonable construction price

Construction cost of the design contractor is a factor that many customers are interested in. There should be a suitable price, should not be too high, it will cause many financial difficulties for investors. On the contrary, you should not cooperate with units whose construction costs are too low, affecting the quality of the project.


The contractor has an appropriate construction cost


7. Prestigious townhouse design and construction unit, best price

New Ideas is a unit that provides design and construction services for beautiful, prestigious and quality townhouse designs. And also one of the outstanding services and is trusted and appreciated by customers.

The designs of townhouse facades at New Ideas Interiors have been positively responded by many homeowners and project investors across the country because of their creativity and newness in design. Coming to us, investors always feel absolutely confident when choosing a package townhouse construction design service.

Here are some suggestions for modern townhouse design that customers can refer to.

Option 1: Design a house with a ground floor, a mezzanine, a floor and a small atrium

This plan is commonly used in the architectural design of 3-storey townhouses with beautiful townhouses with small area. In there:

  • First floor: bedroom, kitchen combined with dining room, 1 small living room.
  • Mezzanine floor: designed with 2 rooms and a shared bathroom
  • 3rd floor: worship room, drying yard.


Architectural design of townhouses


Option 2: Split-floor townhouse

The model of the townhouse has different floors with floors located in each part, designed differently according to the architect. This is a suitable plan for modern townhouse designs, with a small area to make the ground floor of the house more spacious and airier.


Design of townhouse with slanted roof

Above are some townhouse designs of New Ideas Furniture that hope to help you know more about beautiful and popular townhouses today. For more details, please contact us for a consultation as soon as possible!

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