Kitchen Interior Design

Beautiful – Modern Kitchen Interior Design [Hot 2023]


Kitchen interior design is how homeowners create a food processing space that meets the criteria of neat, clean, comfortable and cozy. This helps housewives prepare thoughtful family meals with attractive dishes, making family life even warmer. So which kitchen interior design is the hottest in 2023? Let’s discover the following beautiful modern kitchen interior designs with New Ideas right away!

1. Why should you design the interior of the kitchen – kitchen cabinets?

Quality of life is increasingly improved, people are also demanding more in design. The design of living space is not only the living room, bedroom, but also the kitchen needs attention.
A beautiful and cozy kitchen design will be the place to keep the fire for a full family life. The kitchen is a comfortable place to cook to create delicious dishes. It is a pleasure to be in the kitchen preparing delicious food for my family.

In terms of feng shui, the kitchen is considered a factor that directly affects the fortune of the house. When designing, it is necessary to meet the criteria of location, direction of the kitchen and interior layout.
In addition to psychological and feng shui factors, the kitchen needs to pay attention to the health of the family. The kitchen is a place to prepare food and drinks to help maintain good health for everyone in the house. Therefore, we need to always keep the kitchen space clean.

2. The trend of popular beautiful kitchen interior design

To be able to meet the completeness of each delicious meal with the family. Modern kitchen interior design is required. There are many different trends in the market today. Here are 3 of the most popular trends right now.

2.1. Design the adjacent kitchen to create an open space


In the past, kitchens were often placed in hidden corners. We often use partitions to separate the living room and the kitchen. However, in recent years, the trend of open kitchen design is gaining popularity. Because it is suitable for small designs, it helps to make the most of living space.
The open design trend helps architects freely express their talents. Designers can show smart, sophisticated designs, creating accents for the house.

2.2. Design a multipurpose smart kitchen

Besides open kitchen design, smart style design is also a recent trend. Smart kitchen interior design can be quite unfamiliar to many housewives. Surely choosing a smart kitchen design will never be regret.

Smart design helps optimize the arrangement of furniture and dishes for a much more organized family. Offer solutions to save space, expand space with color combinations. Choosing smart furniture will help the space become more spacious and airy.
Tips for interior design of a small kitchen with a smart kitchen:

  • U-shaped kitchen layout.
  • Create a divider between the kitchen and the dining room.
  • Select the entire white space.
  • Choose glass doors for cabinets.
  • Bring maximum natural light into the kitchen.
  • Choose a wall-mounted shelf.
  • Always keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
  • Create hidden storage corners.
  • Choose an accent color.
  • Add the presence of nature to the kitchen.

2.3. Smart kitchen island design

In your kitchen, adding a kitchen island will increase the elegance and politeness of the house. And there are many other effects, such as:
Kitchen island is where housewives have enough space to cook and decorate dishes. It is also a transit place to help housewives freely prepare everything without worrying about the area.

Second, the kitchen island gives you more storage space. With multiple drawers, surface area, expand your existing cooking space. On the kitchen island, you can arrange faucets and small sinks to facilitate cooking. Moreover, there are many people who prefer to cook on the kitchen island rather than the main kitchen.
Third, the kitchen island can also be used as a breakfast and family bar. Around the kitchen island space, everyone in the house will be able to gather while cooking and chatting, helping to bond the feelings of everyone in the family closer together. The cook also does not feel isolated and only “takes care” of cooking.
Finally, the kitchen island also has a great effect when parents cook while keeping an eye on their children. We can study while we wait for our mother to cook or help with the kitchen chores. This creates a daily routine for them.

3. The hottest beautiful kitchen interior design in 2023.

3.1. Classic kitchen interior design


Classic kitchen interior design often has warm colors, creating a feeling of coziness and union. The brick wall, antique-style miniatures, wooden tables and rattan chairs, etc. have all created a cozy kitchen space. Besides, the LED lighting system with the highlight is the picture to help the room become more perfect. For those of you who love the classic, this is the interior design of the kitchen space that should not be missed.

3.2. Neoclassical kitchen interior design

White and brown tones dominate in this kitchen interior design. The style of wooden cabinets is impressively designed with many compartments, bringing optimal utility to the homeowner. The centerpiece of the kitchen is the design of a food preparation table with built-in storage facilities. The items of the small kitchen interior design are arranged scientifically and up to standards to help women easily cook and create nutritious dishes for the family.

3.3. Modern kitchen interior design

The kitchen is designed with two main colors white and black. The kitchen island has a built-in faucet combined with a bar for maximum convenience. This beautiful kitchen interior design brings a luxurious beauty, standard Western style. Modern kitchen interior design is often applied in villas, apartments, townhouses, …

3.4. U-shaped kitchen


The U-shaped kitchen system surrounds the space, maximizing the area and creating a beautiful view for all functions. Typically, U-shaped kitchens provide a lot of space for storage as well as cooking, serving the high and diverse needs of many families.

The U-shaped kitchen has a single path, providing high safety. The U-shaped kitchen model is applied to apartments with a small kitchen area. If you know how to arrange and arrange the interior, you will own the most beautiful food creation space.

3.5. L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is always popular because of the outstanding advantages it brings to housewives. With an L-shaped design, the kitchen has an open space, so two people can participate in meal preparation at the same time.

3.6. I-shaped kitchen


An I-shaped kitchen is a simple I-shaped kitchen with a one-way cooking function, suitable for apartments with small kitchen space, few members, etc. The impressive highlight of the kitchen is painted by the interior. Luxurious brown tone wood. Besides, a bit of nature from light and greenery helps the kitchen to be more airy and eye-catching.

4. Factors that make up the name of the New Ideas kitchen interior design brand

4.1. Creative and experienced kitchen interior design team

New Ideas is a kitchen interior design company with over 20 years of experience. The company owns a team of creative and highly specialized architects and designers. We are partners of hundreds of customers throughout the country.
For customers who have a need for interior design for the kitchen, we will make the kitchen interior design and send it to the customer, besides, we will answer all customers’ questions so that the two sides can trust to work. together.

4.2. Large-scale kitchen interior design workshop

Workshop is an important factor that significantly affects the reputation of the company. We own a large-scale workshop with modern equipment, applying advanced technology in the world. Our products/ interior design drawings for our kitchen are committed to high quality, commensurate with the price.

4.3. Professional kitchen interior construction, on time

We own a team of skilled workers, working responsibly. We are committed to handing over the design / construction on time, meeting the project schedule.

4.4. Dedicated support 24/7/365

New Ideas is committed to dedicated 24/7/365 customer support. Customers can contact us through the company website, customer care phone number or Hotline. New Ideas’ technical team will support to solve and fix problems in a timely manner.

4.5. Competitive price

We are not committed to the cheapest price, but we are committed to quote the best market price. The value that New Ideas brings to you is more than the cost you spend. We do not provide cheap living room interior design drawing services, poor quality, and discredit the brand.

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